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Warranty Contract

Warranty service from us holds all the features for a thrilling and safe drive experience. Years of expertise pour in one aim; your comfort.
Offering you this service will provide you access to complete mechanical and labour-covered parts as well as an in-house warranty contract with full coverage for engine and transmission. Those are just some of the features that are included in our warranty contract.
We are devoted to providing you with a comprehensive service, and our service contract guarantees it.

How do we serve you in your car warranty?

Buying a new vehicle would take a lot of time. There are many factors to consider when choosing the car of your dreams and achieving satisfaction on all sides. Our company understands the importance of warranty contracts, so we did a detailed analysis to be able to provide you with the best service.
It's about giving you a comprehensive driving experience that meets your budget and grants you comfort, security, and convenience. By purchasing a car warranty contract, you can drive the car of your dreams, rest your mind, and have any repairs or replacements covered by professionals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
Having our warranty car service will give you further protection and make your vehicle more secure in the long run.

Warranty Contract

Get the best deal on a car!

Getting a car warranty service goes beyond the usual safety measures; it gives you extra protection and peace of mind.
We at German Experts care about each mile you drive with your car. Hence, we make your car as secure as possible from the very first moment you turn it on. While it is costly to repair your car, with a warranty contract, you can save money on a guaranteed basis.
It’s the most safety plan you’d have for your car! People are concerned about taking any risks when traveling, so our team of professionals can ensure your vehicle is perfectly secured.
We pave the way for you to drive it safely with a high level of mind resting.

Warranty Contract


  • Warranty Contract

    Inhouse warranty contract

  • Warranty Contract

    Fast claim approval

  • Warranty Contract

    Service coverage & Warranty in 1 package

  • Warranty Contract

    Unlimited Claims & Visits from Day 1

Warranty Contract

Car Warranty In Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

Your comfort is all that we work for! Our warranty car services are the culmination of our experience and passion, gathered into one service for your convenience. To help you achieve that, we offer you the following benefits:

    Complete mechanical and labour-covered parts

    In-house warranty contract

    Fast claim approval

    Service coverage and warranty in 1 package

    Unlimited claims and visits from day 1

    Full coverage for engine and transmission

    Dedicated warranty department and specialized consultants

    Genuine parts

    Export car warranty

    Unlimited mileage coverage

    Absolute lawsuits within 24 hours of claim approval

    For high mileage cars up to 200,000 km within 7 years of age

    Coverage for bushes, mountains, and suspensions at high mileage

    Free Recovery Service

    Applicable for all the brands

    Renewal warranty

What to wait for? Let’s move your driving experience to the next level in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!

Warranty Contract

Why Pick Us?

We have always been passionate about delivering you top-of-the-line service. Thus, at German Experts, you will be driving every mile with your car in safety and a high level of protection.
Our team of experts is always thrilled to offer you the quality of any service you choose to take advantage of it. In the unique world of driving, we are pretty aware of the importance of enhancing your experience and boosting it to the highest level.
Investing in your car, giving it additional protection, and paying for the peace of mind will be all in your pocket instead of taking money from it. Let us help you get on the right road!
You can get our car warranty exclusively for imported vehicles, used cars, and supercars. All of these services, of course, will be offered at competitive prices.
When you have the chance to receive a complete service, why not take advantage of it?

Warranty Contract

Get a quotation for your warranty or service contract

It’s always the perfect time to secure your car with a trustworthy warranty or service contract with German Experts. We work with one of the best companies in the UAE, the National Takaful Insurance, by customizing your price depending on your car type, mileage, years, etc. with us, your road trips are safer than ever!


Displaying the brand logos below doesn’t intend to imply or convey the impression that we are authorized to service partners, representatives, dealers, or agents of any of the brands mentioned below. Our intention is merely to categorize and exhibit the types of cars we serve.


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