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Retrofitting in automotive is often a necessary step towards modernization and market competitive boosting.
Retrofitting is addition of new technology or features to older systems or in order to improve efficiency and enjoy driving your vehicle
add more functionalities or be compatible with the latest environmental demands.
With the features you'd get from our service, you may be sure to drive the most excellent retrofit car in Dubai.

Retrofit Red Car Back Light Restoration
Retrofit Service in Dubai Gear Panel

Retrofit Service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

We can retrofit a wide range of original manufacturer parts to specify your vehicle in any way you desire.
we can enable and unlock all the lockd Features and option in your car with our latest technology and tools so you can fully enjoy driving your car .
Entertaiment system :

    Upgrade to new generation

    Carplay and android auto

    Navigation system

    Upgrade sound system

    Video in motion

    Region change

Draive assist system:

    Blindspot assist

    Active cruise control

    Line change assist

    Traffic sign assist

Parking assist system:

    Retrofit parking sensor

    360 camera

    Parking pilot

Exterior and interior lighting system upgrade:

    Upgrade to laser light or LED

    Retrofit welcome scenario

    Retrofit of adaptive headlight

    Retrofit to new deainamic reare light

    Retrofit ambient light system

    Retrofit Wraih starlight Headlining

Retrofit Black Steering

Why Get a Retrofit service From Us?

IIt's about letting the pros do the job for you!

Our professional team at German Expert will grant you the chance to retrofit your car to get the most quality service in the country.
Indeed, you won't worry about future issues with the retrofitted parts. All retrofitted parts will be original and installed following an original wiring harness. Additionally, the manufacturer's server will be updated with the new data.
Also, you will have the complete freedom to adjust your vehicle order. We will ensure you have your vehicles in the robust and reliable mode.

How Often Do You Need This Service in The UAE?

Your desire to drive a car with striking headlights is no longer a dream!
Whenever you need to experience the luxury of the lights inside your car, we recommend getting the interior lighting as soon as possible.
You can always let your car shine inside by upgrading the speakers, tweeters, or the seat back speakers with Ambilight lighting that can be perfectly retrofitted to your car model.
Using a retrofit service, you can get headlights with a distinctive glow, offering the highest levels of visibility and comfort. That is why it is ideal for getting a quality refit service, as you will never regret it.

Red Ferrari After Back lights Retrofit

The Perfect Time For a Retrofit Service!

Collaboration with our expert team will get you a quality service with appropriate retrofitting kits. Your expectations are never out of reach for us. We will work with you on every detail to gain that goal together.
It's our primary mission to offer you the maximum benefit for any service we provide here

Retrofit Service


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