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Upholstery Repair & Refurbishment

Under the supervision of master leather craftsmen and technicians, our team at German Experts offers complete car upholstery service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi! Car upholstery service has been our specialty for many years for exotic car models.
With a 100% success rate, we are committed to providing quality auto upholstery, leather seat repair, and car interior restoration services. Whether you're seeking a repair, replacement, or paint service, we'll help you through every step. Get your exquisite results from us.

Car Front Seats After Upholstery Repair & Refurbishment
Back Seats of Car After Upholstery Repair & Refurbishment

Why Get This Service From German Experts?

We provide the best car upholstery repair and refurbishment service in the area. Our team of professional technicians can repair your vehicle's upholstery, seat covers, and carpets to restore them to their original color and shape. We also offer complementary upholstery cleaning services for those who want their seats, window and door seals, and headrests professionally cleaned. Our extensive leather auto upholstery Dubai and Abu Dhabi repair services include:

    Dyeing or Replacing Material

    Reinforcing Seams and Edges

    Restoring Seams and Edges to their Original Shape and Size

    Resetting Seams and Edges to Prevent Re-Opening

    Stuffing Seams and Edges

A Man Cleaning the Car Back Seat with vacuum cleaner

Benefits of Our Upholstery Repair & Refurbishment

We help you admire your car's beauty using the highest quality methods and advanced materials at German Experts. Whether you're seeking to repair, replace, or even upgrade your model's beauty, we are the ones to rely on. With us, you're always in good hands. Take advantage of this service from our team and admire the results!

    Leather seat repair, replacement, & paint.

    Interior upgrade & modification.

    Remove all stains

    Clean seats, door frames, and carpets.

    Repair tears, rips, and tears.

    Revitalize the upholstery by removing discolorations and odors.

    Renew the upholstery, including the seat covers and headrests.

    Replace all missing or damaged upholstery.

    Stuff and sew the seat covers and headrests.

    Replace all missing buttons and zippers.

    Replace all loose or missing threads.

    Clean all the inside and outside surfaces.

    Apply protective coating

Your Ideal Results!

We have served customers for over a decade with our car upholstery repair and refurbishment services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are committed to providing the highest quality services and ensuring the best results for our customers. Furthermore, we utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to ensure the best possible results.
We use the best quality materials and offer industry-leading warranties using a branded unique stitching & thread machine. Basically, we'll ensure that our customers get the best value for their money. While we prioritize your satisfaction, we will present you with more than what you seek. As soon as you rely on us, we'll transform your vehicle into its classic beauty with a shiny look.

Car Front Seats and Arm Rest After Cleaning

Keep It Looking Original!

We use only the highest-quality materials and techniques to ensure that our customers receive the best value for their money. Our auto upholstery Dubai and Abu Dhabi repair & refurbishment services are performed with precision and care to ensure you receive the most satisfying result. Our experts present each service in the best way possible to provide you with the car seat repair you need to enjoy the most rewarding experience.
We offer the most comprehensive car upholstery repair and refurbishment service in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our goal is to provide you with care and attention so that you can enjoy the most satisfying result. Our German Experts' upholstery repair & refurbishment service is performed with perfection.

Final Look After Car Back Seats Upholstery Repair & Refurbishment
A Man Cleaning the Car Door Interior

At German Experts

It takes only a few minutes for you to find us at German Experts, but it presents you with a future of joy behind the wheel of your model vehicle. Get your vehicle serviced conveniently, quickly, and professionally at German Experts. Your car's safety and reliability are all essential to us.


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