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We fulfill your workshop service needs with perfection! We know every detail about your car and aim to deliver everything you need. We specialize in presenting our clients with complete perfection within each workshop sub-services. It only takes a few minutes to visit us, but you can get a long future of safety and luxury on the road. With us, you're always satisfied.

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With our team in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we offer our services with a detailed process that helps you get the highest tech results in the long term. As certified technicians passionate about cars, we've got you covered flawlessly!

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Car Battery Replacement Service


Oil Change Service


Stop & Go Service

Everyone wants to give his priceless car high care. As you drive, vehicles may suddenly stop for many reasons and obstruct your journey. It can be an issue with the gasoline pump or fuel system, an alternator fault, an ignition switch problem, malfunctioning sensors, or any other part.


Engine Control Unit

The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is a computer with an integrated pre-programmed and programmable chip that controls engine functions using input sensors and output components.


Wheel Alignment

The benefits of accurate wheel alignment not only provide you security while driving but also ensure reduced expensive suspension repairs.


Car Engine Management System

A car engine management system is the part of a car that controls and maintains the engine's performance. It manages the flow of air and fuel to the engine, keeps it running smoothly, and protects it from damage. The engine management system is part of the vehicle's powertrain, which also includes the transmission, driveshaft, and differential.


Brake System Repair

In other words, if your car brakes are not properly maintained, it would result in an actual risk index getting in the way. Numerous typical problems with the braking system might occur at any time, interfering with your driving and compromising safety.


Pre-Purchase Car Inspection

Having our pre-purchase car inspection will make you enjoy your car for a long-lasting time. Our qualified technicians are experienced with all makes and models of vehicles and can uncover any shortcomings in maintenance that could harm your safety and financial future.


Comfort Systems

The more you require comfort, the more you find it at German Experts! Nowadays, the comfort systems give us many features and benefits that were only in our comfort interest and offer us highest level of comfort and luxury services.


Brake System

In other words, if your car brakes are not properly maintained, it would result in an actual risk index getting in the way. Numerous typical problems with the braking system might occur at any time, interfering with your driving and compromising safety.


Fuel Injection System

Modern fuel injection systems function by atomizing fuel at high pressure. As the air passes through the inlet manifold, they mix it with clean air, then direct it into each cylinder's combustion chamber.


Speed Control Unit

The Speed Control Unit (ESC) is an electrical circuit that controls and regulates the speed of your vehicle. Computer programmable speed controls generally have user-specific options that allow setting low-voltage cut-off limits, timing, acceleration, braking, and direction of rotation. The Speed Control Unit sends information to your car computer about how fast your car is running at any particular moment.


Engine Control Unit (ECU)

A car's control unit is responsible for keeping you safe and comfortable behind the wheel. It ensures you're secure when you're driving.


Transfer Case

If you own a heavy duty truck or any other SUV that uses a four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, your vehicle most certainly contains a transfer case. Transfer cases are crucial for these kinds of cars because they allow power to be transferred, distributed, or split to the front or back drive of the car while it is moving.


Engine Cooling System

The cooling system in a car is an essential component of the engine that requires regular maintenance service and good eyes on it. Cooling systems have many functions, such as removing excess heat from engines, maintaining machine operating temperatures, and quickly warming up the engines.


Radiator Services

Keeping your engine coolant at the right temperature prevents it from overheating in hot weather and prevents it from freezing in cold weather. A radiator flush is necessary to maintain an effective cooling system and ward off corrosion in metal engine components.


Suspension System Repair

Modern automobiles are complex machines that require close attention and professional repair services to function properly. They are packed with technology that tracks every turn and bump you make and get you where you are going.


Transmission Repair

Keeping your vehicle in good working order means checking all its components regularly. Since your transmission is in constant use, it may require a little more care than other parts in the engine.


AC Repair

Having a malfunction or breakdown in your Air Conditioning System can cause refrigerants to leak. As modern air conditioning systems are complex,you will need to carry out a periodic maintenance and inspection to get back on the road with an optimally performing AC.


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