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Keeping your vehicle in good working order means checking all its components regularly. Since your transmission is in constant use, it may require a little more care than other parts in the engine.
We are all aware of how unpleasant and severe transmission issues can be; and how they may ruin your day. Nobody wants their car to have a transmission failure.
But with the help of dedicated professionals, it won't be a concern any longer! Our highly trained technicians have a wealth of knowledge in auto transmission repair. Having worked with passion for many years, we've finally reached the point where you can empower your car again.
It's not just about our experience; it's about integrating the latest technology and employing the most advanced tools to keep your Transmission running smooth and trouble free.

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Car Gearbox Repair In Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

Your car’s transmission is a crucial part of the vehicle system, and to keep it working in the best condition, you need to pay attention when things go wrong. Getting in touch with qualified specialists is the best way to avoid having more problems and incurring more repair costs.
We are pretty aware that operating on automatic gearboxes requires more specialist knowledge; it's not just something you can go over it. Our skilled technicians are trained professionally to identify any issues with your gearbox/transfer case thus utilizing the most recent techniques and cutting-edge technology available.
By engaging professionals for transmission repair, you will ensure a high level of performance, satisfaction and durability for your car.

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How can we help you with your car transmission problems?

Given that the gearbox is the most sensitive and robust component of your car, regular inspections can help you spot any minor issues before they become major ones. Therefore, it's essential to monitor your car transmission in case of:

    The gear may sound like it is grinding or vibrating.

    Your vehicle doesn’t respond or engage when in gear

    If your car makes noises, clunking, whinning or humming

    If the fluid is overheated and smells burnt

    When your vehicle loses traction or slips out of gear

    If you notice that the Transmission fluid is low/leaking fluid

While these issues may start small, ignoring them can damage your car severely and shorten its lifespan. And that's what we're all trying to stay away from.
With our experienced technicians' team, you will always get the best solutions for your car needs, and we'll provide you with the most effective procedures to keep it running like new.

    Brake fluid bleeding

    Coolant bleeding

    Gearbox bleeding

You can always count on our professional team that can provide you with the most reliable car transmission repair services.

How Often Do You Need This Service in The UAE?

Many drivers are unaware that the gearbox needs regular maintenance, just like any other part of the vehicle. It's just as important as changing the air filter, the tires, and the oil.
We all strive to maintain our vehicles in optimum condition, to keep them running smooth, operate perfectly, and be as efficient as possible. Therefore, it is advised to service an automatic transmission every 15 months or 15,500 miles. Additionally, you can maintain the manual Transmission with almost every other oil change.
Both ways, getting a consultation from our technical team will set you on the right track to enjoy having your car perform at its best.

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The Perfect Time For a car transmission repair!

Transmission is a complex mechanical device with numerous moving, synchronized parts that work simultaneously to make the device function as a unit. Transmission service/maintenance repairs are usually straightforward and don't require removing the vehicle's Transmission. That is why you can count on our professional mechanical team to fix your Transmission accurately and quickly.
It's your chance to give your car the perfect transmission repair service in town!

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