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Radar Calibration

Our technical solutions strive to take a solid place as our world advances. Nowadays, driving requires extra hands and more than two wide-open eyes to reach that high level of maintaining momentum throughout the autonomous journey. The monitoring, braking, and steering along with the driver requires increased sense, corresponding to an increase in power, weight, and size requirements.
In our company, we are aware of using the most advanced tools to offer you the most significant level of safety and comfort in your driving. With the use of ADAS systems tailored for the most demanding design requirements, you can own the road with confidence and security. Our car radar calibration service is just the right choice for a great, reliable tour around the city.

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German Expert Checking Radar Calibration issues on Laptop

Radar Calibration in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

You are always in safe mode with our radar calibration service, which will report any deviations or inaccuracies in your measuring equipment and dimensional standards. With the help of our German experts, you will receive an extensive and comprehensive support service to design an ADAS system that is ideally suited to the needs of any vehicle.
Taking advantage of quick and precise service, you will now find a new level of safety to drive with absolute common sense.
The likelihood of a mistake is decreased by the use of systems like ADAS, featuring:

    Pedestrian and cyclist collision risk detection systems.

    Safety devices that can detect the possibility of a frontal collision with any obstacle or vehicle.

    Systems that issue road change alerts involuntarily.

    Driver fatigue, drowsiness, and distract detection systems.

The ADAS system is safe hands and alert eyes designed to make you drive for the highest level of safety. The UAE will never stop evolving, and so our solutions.

German Experts Scanning Radar Calibration on Laptop

Why Get a Radar Calibration From Us?

When choosing our services, you are in a great chance of obtaining an advanced and upgraded technology created in the first place to offer you a space of safety in your driving. The goal is to have your driving assist system calibrated and adapted that work as per the manufacturer's standard for totally accurate outcomes.
Using the latest generation of ADAS tools, completing static and dynamic calibrations, and proper system restoration, you will not get any less than the highest degree of safety.

How Often Do You Need This Service in The UAE?

Since more driver assistance systems are included in new vehicles, the ADAS is more required to Repair them properly. Mostly it requires a calibration every 30 days to ensure your vehicle works at its best.
The ADAS calibration is always needed. However, in certain circumstances calibration test is required:

    If the windshield is damaged or cracked, you should recalibration the heads-up display and rain sensors.

    When a vehicle is sideswiped, the mirrors and track departure alerts must be recalibrated.

    In a collision case, the bumper sensors on a car need to be calibrated

    Even minor adjustments like a wheel alignment, a change in tire size, or repositioning a camera during another repair may necessitate a calibration.

More calibration tests mean a complete safe drive on the road. Our experts guarantee your safety, security, and comfort at every step. Your safety cannot be postponed!

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The perfect time for a Radar Calibration service!

For us, having a pleasant drive is only the beginning of experiencing life to the fullest, which includes being safe and secure. With our ASDA and the use of many cutting-edge technologies and updated services, we guarantee you drive your car as if you are at home sitting in your comfort zone. We are just one call away from an exceptional driving experience!

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