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The Speed Control Unit (ESC) is an electrical circuit that controls and regulates the speed of your vehicle. Computer programmable speed controls generally have user-specific options that allow setting low-voltage cut-off limits, timing, acceleration, braking, and direction of rotation. The Speed Control Unit sends information to your car computer about how fast your car is running at any particular moment.
At German Experts, you can know your car will always perform in its peak condition. As part of our service, we adopt the latest technology and diagnose, repair, and maintain your speed control unit to keep it in top shape.

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Speed Control Unit In Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

The ECUs on the car are used for a variety of functions. ECUs can be used for any system in a vehicle, including the engine, airbags, traction control, ABS, air conditioning, body functions, and lighting control.
Here are some of the numerous benefits of ECU:

    Boosting torque and power.

    Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

    Improve your car's performance and drivability.

    Improved throttle responsiveness.

    Tailor it to your preferences

In today's vehicles and trucks, the electronic control unit (ECU) is a charge for controlling how the engine and other parts operate. Our skilled technicians have a plethora of knowledge, allowing them to provide you with a quality repair service that exceeds your demands and fulfills your standards. With German Experts, you can always expect the best service using advanced tools and top-of-the-line technology.

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Why Pick Us?

When you decide to get a service for any of your car repair needs, you should only get a quality service that guarantees you the best results in the long term. We at German Experts have a team of skilled technicians that gained a wealth of experience in all types of Electronic Control units, allowing you to get the finest from our service.

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Additionally, our professional technicians use the latest generation of ADAS, which improves driver, passenger, and pedestrian safety while enhancing your driving experience. ADAS tools offer innovative features that are increasingly common on upcoming models.
However, the current technological advancements we follow allow us to introduce new models and features to all makes and models of vehicles, so everyone can now enjoy luxurious features.

Symptoms Of Damaged Speed Control Unit

Computer programmable speed controls often contain user-specific settings that allow setting low-voltage cut-off limits, timing, acceleration, braking, and direction of rotation. The Speed Control Unit notifies your vehicle computer about how rapidly your car is spinning at any time.
If your speed control unit needs repair, these are the symptoms to notice.

    The transmission revs higher before changing gears.

    Car transmission engages into overdrive late.

    Breaks are more complex than usual when coasting.

    The speedometer behaves erratically or sometimes is not working at all.

    The check engine light comes on intermittently and sporadically when accelerating.

    The overdrive on/off views blinks on and off without reason.

Some of the problems may seem like transmission-related issues, so it's advisable to have your car checked in a repair workshop equipped with complete diagnostic equipment. The German Experts Service Center offers a thoroughly updated diagnostic center where experts can run an entire computer diagnosis check-up.

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Your Ideal Speed Contol Unit Service!

Most of the Control Units found in modern vehicles have their chips locked or programmed specifically for that vehicle. With this feature, you can't switch the Control Unit between vehicles. So when a car has this problem, purchasing and programming replacement control units can be expensive.
Our highly trained experts can repair and program used control units from one vehicle to another while maintaining all of the vehicle's original functionality. You can always rely on our experts for the most reliable service!

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