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GERMAN Gearbox Overhauling

Gearbox Overhauling

Gearboxes are complex pieces of machinery that require in-depth care and grade maintenance. The term "gearbox overhaul" may sometimes be used alternately with the terms "transmission overhaul" and "transmission rebuild."
To put it more simply, gearbox overhauling is the process of disassembling the intricate sections, replacing the parts required with precision to restore them to working order, and reassembling them.
Our professional team is fully aware of the importance of a gearbox in your vehicle. Thus, we use the highest quality, best-performing products and services available. With the help of skilled technicians and the most advanced tools, your gearbox will always be in its peak condition.

Gearbox Overhauling
A German Expert Repairing Engine

GERMAN Gearbox Overhauling

Gearbox Overhauling In Dubai & Abu Dhabi!

In general, the earlier you detect a transmission problem and bring it to a certified mechanic, the more likely it is that the repair will be quick and straightforward. Since it may not be easy to diagnose transmission problems at first, it is always a good idea to have your car inspected and repaired.
A transmission overhaul requires the removal and dismantling of the whole transmission. Our technicians will thoroughly examine each part of the transmission to indicate any damage or wear. In the following steps, it is either cleaned with special cleaning tools or replaced with another component based on its condition.
Count on our experts to provide the latest in industry tools and technology and the vast experience they have gained over the years. When your gearbox goes wrong, you must give it a quality repair.

A German Expert Repairing Engine

Why Get A Gearbox & Engine Overhauling Service from us?

Our research and development program for engines and transmissions is extensive just to stay in the loop with all the latest developments. No matter how difficult the task may be, German Experts will never compromise on the quality or performance of our products.
Additionally, our skilled team uses our ultrasonic tank during repair to completely clean all engine and gearbox components. Ultrasonic works through high-frequency sound waves that are transmitted through the liquid. Which helps with scrub cleaning the surface of immersed parts. Furthermore, the high-frequency sound waves agitate the liquid solution of solvent at 40 kHz and cause the cavitation of solution molecules.
Providing quality repair and service for your transmission and engine doesn't depend on the knowledge of our experts but also on special equipment and professional tools. As a result, our highly qualified team can accurately diagnose transmission faults and drivability issues.

GERMAN Gearbox Overhauling

When To Get A Gearbox & Engine Overhauling Service?

There are several advantages to undergoing a transmission overhaul rather than a replacement. One of the most important factors is that transmission rebuilds are a low-cost alternative to transmission replacements. With the cost of a brand new transmission unit retailing at over $15,000, it makes sense to investigate and repair your existing gearbox.
However, here are some signs that indicate your engine needs an overhaul:

    Engine Oil is missing

    Your Fuel Efficiency is dropping

    Engine overheating

    Smoke billowing from the exhaust pipe

If your car hesitates when shifting from one gear to the next, or if it usually takes a long time to engage after you put it in gear, you should check your transmission or gearbox right away.
However, your gearbox will give you these signs if there is a problem:

    Whining Noise

    Slipping Gears

    Dragging clutch


    Leaking transmission fluid

Don't hesitate to contact our experts for engine or gearbox repairs; we provide you with innovative, high-grade services that make your vehicle run like new.

At German Experts!

Whenever you experience a problem with your engine or gearbox, you must give the best repair service. Performing a gearbox overhaul is a serious process that requires the proper knowledge and the newest tools. Also, getting an engine overhaul is not so different since it will bring back your engine power and allow you to enjoy your driving like before.
At German Experts, you will meet the most professional technicians in the field that are skilled, talented, and passionate about every part of your vehicle. Don't think twice; let's fulfill your car with the best repair services!

Gearbox & Engine Overhauling Service


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