Get a Post-Repair Inspection, and be sure you can drive it safely!
German Experts Service Center regularly inspects vehicles after repairs to check for safety, quality, and to assist our customers in the claim approval. In the course of our inspections, we've found that a high percentage of those cars haven't been repaired according to manufacturer guidelines.
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In this case study, our customer brought his car to us for a post-repair inspection, and we found serious safety issues with the work that had been performed on his vehicle. The front reinforcement behind the bumper, also called the impact bar because it's absorbing and distributing the shock from an accident all over the car structure, was practically bent from the middle.

Why would a collision repair facility ever allow this unsafe and unprofessional work to be delivered to a customer? That’s an excellent question!
German Experts Service Center would never allow their customers to go back on the road in a vehicle in this condition – or in any other state where their life or even the life of the car will be under a question mark!

Some shops, however, believe that their profit on a single repair is more important than the safety of their customers. They’re counting on the idea that you’ll never find out about the corners they cut, or the procedures they’ve skipped. They hope that you’ll see a car that looks “fixed” on the surface, and never think to get an inspection to make sure the structural work is right.

Knowing there are a lot of safety regulations and guidelines when we talk about the production of vehicles, you will never think that no clear rules are ensuring that also the repaired cars are safe to be driven on the roads.
Unfortunately, as the competition on the market is a tough one, somebody shops to receive as many possible cars from the insurance companies are skipping necessary procedures and use substandard parts to repair a vehicle after a collision.
As per the Insurance Authority Board of Directors Decision No. (25) Of 2016, chapter 2, point 7, the repair work should be warranted by the repairing shop, and the Insurance Company should make sure that the vehicle is repaired correctly.

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At German Experts Service Center, we work with all insurance companies; we do not rebate from following factory specifications in any of the repairs. Our top priority is always to serve the interests of our customers, and we’ll help you make sure your car is returned to the safe, structurally sound condition it was in before the accident, offering six months warranty for labor and mechanical work and no less than five years for any paintwork.
That’s why we’re certified and recognized for the highest quality collision repair available. We use only genuine parts, and we always perform the necessary procedures to keep your car as safe as it was when it rolled off the factory floor.

If you’ve been in an accident, your insurance company is obligated to return your vehicle to pre-loss condition, and the repairing work should be warrantied! Sadly, they often try to avoid this responsibility, even when it means putting their policyholders in unsafely repaired cars.
We understand that this is a challenging condition for our customers to find themselves in. Through an agreement between Watania Insurance and us, we have built a premium car insurance where we are working on behalf of our customers, assisting them through the entire claims process.

Just have with you the police report and call us to pick up your car. We will take the approvals, repair it as per the factory specifications and standards and return it to you under warranty and in entirely driving condition! 

If you’ve had a significant structural repair and you feel like your vehicle is not the same as before driving wise or aesthetical or you are concerned about the quality and safety of the work done on your car, German Experts Service Center Offers free post-repair inspections under specific terms and conditions.
Information is power, and we genuinely want every car driver in UAE to know their legal rights that your insurance company doesn’t want you to know about:

Year Percentage
First -
Second 5%
Third 10%
Fourth 15%
Fifth 20%
Sixth and above 30%

  1. The following spare parts, if have been damaged in an accident should be replaced with NEW spare parts without any depreciation deduction:
Glass New
Brake Master Cylinders New
Brake Wheel Cylinders New
Brake Calipers New
Brake Cables New
Brake Hoses New
Brake Diaphragms New
Steering boxes New
Steering rakes New
Steering ball joints & swivels New
Seat Belts New

    1. The Insurance Company should offer recovery service if the car cannot be driven, at 0 costs.
    2. If your vehicle is repaired with an approved by the Insurance Company repair shop, the Company shall ensure that the repairing is adequately made and the shop should offer a warranty for the work.
    3. The Insurance Company shall ensure that you are enabled to have your car checked by any Motor Vehicle Examination Agency
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For more information or to speak to someone at German Experts Service Center, call us at  02 666 6328 or  click here to contact us online!


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