Engine Refurbishment or Engine Overhaul

Check now everything you need to know about your car engine!

A car engine is a very complex part of your vehicle that requires special care and attention to avoid costly failures. However, in case of a failure German Experts engine specialist would like to explain, in the coming period, different issues you might encounter with your car engine and repair solutions that are not only effective but might save a lot of money from your pocket.

Now, let me give you an overview of the main engine components:

    Engine Crankshaft

    Engine Crankshaft Bearings

    Engine Crankshaft Trust Washer

    Engine Connecting Rods

    Engine Connecting Rod Bearings

    Engine Pistons

    Engine Piston Rings

    Engine Cylinder Heads

    Engine Camshaft

    Engine Camshaft Adjuster or Sprockets (depending on the engine type)

    Engine Timing Chain (1 timing chain for the in-line or V engine (Audi, VW, and Porsche), 2 or 3 timing chain for the V engines.)

    Engine Tappets

    Engine Rocker Arms

    Engine Valves

    Engine Intake Exhaust

    Engine Valve Springs

    Engine Valve Springs Returner

    Engine Chain Adjuster

    Engine Oil Pump

    Engine Oil Pump Chain

If you are here, reading this article, I believe that you should know when you have to accept the engine repair and when engine refurbishment or overhaul is required….

Now… engine repair means just fixing the fault that caused the failure and sometimes if it’s required fixing parts included in the refurbishment process.

Engine refurbishment or repair is required when you have one or more of the below faults:

    Cylinder Liner damage

    Piston damage

    Piston rings damage

    Connecting rod damage

    Bearings damage

    Crankshaft damage

Our last and biggestTIPis to contact us if you have any symptoms of engine failure, and we will do our best to solve the issue efficient and fast and the most convenient cost possible

with 2 Years warranty for Engine refurbishment.


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