Mechanical works

Engine repair

Taking care of the engine, doing a periodical maintenance and whenever necessary fixing any small problem that might appear will increase the life of your vehicle.
Car engine is the heart of your car and in German Experts we proud ourselves with skilled technicians with more than a century experience in diagnosing and repairing this specifically part of your car and we guarantee you'll get no greater service or advice from any other place.

How we are doing it?
We will use an original and high-end diagnosis tester, check combustion chamber & engine oil consumption while we complete a visual inspection of all engine components.

• Dismantle and overhaul engine - Test each part individually including the engine block, cylinder head, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft & camshafts with bearings. These are the main components of your engine.
• After diagnosis, if needed we will replace all the damaged parts, using original tools and workshop manuals same as the manufacturer.


Gear Box Work

Gear box repair 

If you feel any problem related to your car gear box, please don’t hesitate contacting or coming and asking for an inspection with one of our expert technicians.
This action might save you from a lot of expenses, increase the life of your car and protect your own safety.

What will happen?

• One of our technicians will test drive the vehicle and check if the gear has a fault or if it’s not shifting correctly.
• Next step - will check the fault by diagnostic tester, check gearbox control unit and check gearbox oil condition.
• If needed, the gearbox and the overall gear clutch will be removed.
• According to the problem, the gearbox control unit or valve body will be replaced.
• Then, we will top up the gearbox oil and adapt it with diagnostic tester to relearn gear shifting.



Brake System Work

Brake repair

Brake pads are one of the parts that regularly needs to be checked and changed and any minor problem should be immediately solve to avoid any safety problem that might occur.

 The Process in German Experts is:

• We will check brake pads and discs with special tools (micrometer )
• We will remove brake pads & discs for cleaning the brake caliper and lubricate it.
• If needed we will install new brake shoes, pads or discs
• Then we will test drive your car to make sure the brake performance is as per the manufacture





Suspension System


Suspension repair

Usually when we think of an automobile performance we tend to think of the engine power (horsepower) and zero- to-60 acceleration. All of this is useless if the car can’t be controlled.
Suspension system is the next in line when we talk about a vehicle power, his role being to maximize the friction between the tires and the road surface, to ensure the passengers comfort and offer stability.

German Experts technicians not only understand the importance of a car suspension but also are highly trained and experienced in solving any possible related issue.

The process:
• One of the technicians will test drives the vehicle to check if any issue can be felt
• Then, suspension level, arm bushes, shock absorbers from front and rear will be checked.
• If needed German Experts technician will replace the necessary parts and will perform the suspension calibration and wheel alignment